Migration guide

Migration from version 0.3 to 0.4

Shell commands

Shell command configtree is deprecated in favor of ctdump. The latter one uses new loader infrastructure and new formatters.

The following pairs of commands give the identical result:

ctdump json --json-sort --json-indent=4

configtree --format json
ctdump json --json-sort --json-indent=4

configtree --format rare-json
ctdump json --json-sort --json-indent=4 --json-rare

configtree --format shell
ctdump shell --shell-sort --shell-capitalize


The following functions are deprecated:

Simple replacement gives the same result:

# This code...

from configtree import make_walk, make_update

walk = make_walk(envname)
update = make_update(namespace)

# ...should be replaced by this one
# Take a notice, that positional arguments is not acceptable.
# Use named ones.

from configtree import Walker, Updater

walk = Walker(env=envname)
update = Updater(namespace=namespace)

Function postprocess should be created using class configtree.loader.PostProcessor. If there is no built-in features you need, consider extending of the class.

# This code...

def postprocess(tree):
    for key, value in tree.items():
        if condition(key):
            tree[key] = transform(value)

# ...should be replaced by this one

from configtree import PostProcessor, Pipeline

class MyPostProcessor(PostProcessor):

    def apply_transform(self, tree, key, value):
        if condition(key):
            tree[key] = transform(value)

postprocess = MyPostProcessor()

Module configtree.conv and its plugins

Module configtree.conv is deprecated in favor of configtree.formatter. The latter one is used by new ctdump script. See Shell commands section.

Plugins that use configtree.conv entry point are deprecated, consider configtree.formatter entry point.